On the road to a transparent NFT music ecosystem -How does RISENODE begin?

Set out to help artists to own it, own their music copyright and income, RISENODE has leveraged blockchain and NFT technology to build a community-owned music ecosystem, connecting musicians with their fans.

NFT technology has been gaining popularity this year, widely applied in Art, Gaming and Music. RISENODE spearheaded the music sphere. It’s like Spotify, but built on blockchain. Artists may register their original work to claim ownership, put music on the streaming platform, and turn their music into NFT, which can then be put on sale or put to auction in the marketplace, generating additional stream of income for artists.

As opposed to the existing industry norm, RISENODE returns most of the subscription revenue to artists, just like other music NFT projects. We empower musicians from the start.


Empowering: musicians can claim full ownership of their original work through asset registry, enjoy 100% autonomy over revenue by featuring their music on RISENODE streaming platform and marketplace

Engaging: offers fans new ways to support their beloved artist, streaming music on portal or buying NFT music in marketplace or staking RiAC token. Both the streaming and staking activities would generate income to reward fans for being a member of the community.

Fun-loving and user-friendly: life is all about having fun right? With NFT techonology, artists may turn their music into different editions, even find like-minded fellows in the art and design industry, building connection to create the most creative work.

What makes RISENODE different from other NFT platform?

Music industry focused: With some other platforms cater to arts and gamings, RISENODE’s UX is designed with music and artists in mind. It offers seamless experience to users, who may utilize NFT technology and handle crypto-assets hassle free.

Low cost & high return: Streaming, minting and registry only require 1RiAC token for each. All these low-cost activities have the potential to generate income for arts.

Asia-market specific: With an APAC-based team, RISENODE has extensive knowledge on the music scene in Asia. We help artists build a fan base in the right community.

Unlike some other blockchain platforms, RISENODE is built to engage anyone, who may or may not be into crypto. With this in mind, the team is currently incorporating more stress-free features as artists get on board concurrently.

Expect the next one in one week, stay tuned…

or more information, please visit risenode.com

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